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Luxury real estate experts

We are a team with extensive experience in the real estate market. We combine our experience with quality and service. Together we dream it and make it a reality, that is happiness.

Elizabeth Montoya

Sales Director elizabethmontoya@albertoalvarez.com

Luz Fabiola Betancur

Sales Coordinator ventaspoblado@albertoalvarez.com

Yuliana Azcarate

Customer Service Coordinator Yulianaazcarate@albertoalvarez.com

Alizon Velarde

Commercial promoter gestionventas@albertoalvarez.com

Alejandra Montoya

Real Estate Agent Alejandramontoya@albertoalvarez.com

Catalina Rodríguez

Real Estate Agent Catalinarodriguez@albertoalvarez.com

Ángela Mejía

Real Estate Agent Angelamejia@albertoalvarez.com

Camilo Bahena

Real Estate Agent Camilobahena@albertoalvarez.com

Fredy Pulgarín

Real Estate Agent Fredypulgarin@albertoalvarez.com

Jairo Muñoz

Real Estate Agent Jairomunoz@albertoalvarez.com

Cristina Ortíz

Real Estate Agent Cristinaortiz@albertoalvarez.com

Claudia Higuita

Real Estate Agent Claudiahiguia@albertoalvarez.com

Vanessa Vargas

Real Estate Agent Vanessavargas@albertoalvarez.com

Catalina Zapata

Real Estate Agent Catalinazapata@albertoalvarez.com

Sebastián Pérez

Real Estate Agent Sebastianperez@albertoalvarez.com